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Untitled-1Companies: JANANI Rent-A-Car.

Office: Amtola Bazar, 8/9 Senpara Porbata, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216

Line of Business: Provide Monthly Rent a care in Private company and civilian rent car system available.



With a new progressive vision in the vehicles trading, we started our journey in the name of JANANI Rent-A-Car. in the year 2014. We are Automobiles importers, whole-sellers and retailers in this country. We have established our showroom in the prime location of the capital city, located at JANANI Rent-A-Car, Amtola Bazar, 8/9 Senpara Porbata, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216. Customer always seeks highest standard ofQuality, Prospective buyers have available facilities to checkquality in all Stock form houses; they also inspect vehicles physically before purchasing so as to ensure high standards. We have Pre-Inspection Team located at the yards to inspect, fix, repair and clean vehicles before shipment.

We import our vehicles from world famous company & Corporation, Developed countries who buy best quality, good condition and graded cars from USS and I-AUC Auctions and all other reputed auctions of Japan, that’s why we can meet our customer demand and desire easily,

We offer high quality vehicles on competitive prices with excellent customer service

Vision& Mission of JANANI Rent-A-Car

  • To maintain the highest standards Car/Vehicle in Auto Market in Bangladesh.
  • To maintain the highest standards in Car/Vehicle for individuals.
  • To provide Credit installment facility for customer to purchase Car/Vehicle.
  • To provide feeling of driving in a Car/Vehicle with ultimate comfort.
  • To provide professional and personalized services of the highest integrity.
  • To become an international referral for buyers and investors.
  • To provide high quality Customer Relationship Management.

Welcome to JANANI Rent-A-Car

We are committed to provide simplest and fastest shipping system, the budget prices and excellent customer service of high value to all our nationwide clients. Our goal is growth, coexistence and prosperity through our customer’s success and we believe it is important for growing up further more.

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